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Disposable Products


Disposable Products

We sell and supply disposable products ranging from disposable dish-ware / drink ware (example plates, bowls, cups), Plastic cutlery (example spoons, knives, forks), Disposable table cloth, Cans, bottles, jars, cartons, wrappers and other food packaging. All our disposable products are in largely recyclable, and some are even compostable like cupcake wrappers, coffee filters. Also we are selling inexpensive Tupper ware products.


  • Quality

    We take pride in all business aspects ensuring the best quality when sourcing products, be sure to try our fish & seafood products for a taste of pure quality and why not pair it with a relaxing glass of wine.
  • Our Importing/Exporting Services

    We are a Tanzania import export company (merchants in importing and exporting) with worldwide bulk and value-added products to the retail, foodservice and processing industries.

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