Welcome to Masyl General Enterprise ( MGE )

Who we are

Who we are

Masyl is a limited company which focused in delivering high quality service, reliably and which add value to all our customers. Our enterprise deals with selling of food products from frozen food products, diary, liquor, fruits, dry food items, etc, non-food products from disposable materials, packaging materials, furniture, hardware, etc.

Also we are covering other services such as Procurement where we help clients optimize their performance and profitability through cost reduction and process improvement in their Strategic Sourcing and Procure-to-Pay operations and Transport services where we offer different means of transport to our clients covering air conditioned rooms and open vehicles.

Our company has built a strong and diverse staff with collective industry experience in Strategic Sourcing, Logistics, Inventory Management, Sales, Procurement Best Practices, Information Technology, e-Sourcing, Project Management, Negotiation, Telecommunications, Purchasing Management and Strategic Planning. This puts Masyl General Enterprise your ideal enterprise to trust and work with.


Why us?

Supply Chain Management
  • Voice-directed warehousing
  • Voice-directed warehousing-
  • Fully bonded warehousing-
  • Mult-temperature storage-
  • Fixed network of transport partners
  • Bulk and combined load facilities
  • Bulk and combined load facilities
  • Daily sea, land and railways transport


  • Quality

    We take pride in all business aspects ensuring the best quality when sourcing products, be sure to try our fish & seafood products for a taste of pure quality and why not pair it with a relaxing glass of wine.
  • Our Importing/Exporting Services

    We are a Tanzania import export company (merchants in importing and exporting) with worldwide bulk and value-added products to the retail, foodservice and processing industries.

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