Welcome to Masyl General Enterprise ( MGE )

Our Team

  • Chairperson


    • General Manager

      General Manager

      • Procurement Manager

        Procurement Manager

        • Procurement Assistant

          Procurement Assistant

      • Finance Manager

        Finance Manager

        • Management Accountant

          Management Accountant

      • Sales And Marketing Manager

        Sales And Marketing Manager

        • Sales Representative/ Supervisor

          Sales Representative/ Supervisor

      • Warehouse Manager

        Warehouse Manager

        • Warehouse Assistant

          Warehouse Assistant

      • Security ,Fleet and Estate Manager

        Security ,Fleet and Estate Manager

      • Zonal Managers

        Zonal Managers

        • Branch Manager

          Branch Manager


  • Quality

    We take pride in all business aspects ensuring the best quality when sourcing products, be sure to try our fish & seafood products for a taste of pure quality and why not pair it with a relaxing glass of wine.
  • Our Importing/Exporting Services

    We are a Tanzania import export company (merchants in importing and exporting) with worldwide bulk and value-added products to the retail, foodservice and processing industries.

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