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The leading unmatched brand in provision of procurement &
Distribution Solutions in Tanzania & East Africa.

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Local and International Network Supply Chain Solutions

Our extensive expertise and knowledge of procurement & general supplies make us one of the key-players in procurement for the government and corporate entities.

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Our Company Vision and Mission since 2013

Becoming the preferable company on General Trade Business in Tanzania, East Africa and Africa at large.

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One stop Commercial Shopping centre

We have a strong understanding of the leading brands and product categories that are specific to different sectors and industries.

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Masyl General Enterprises is an all-purpose general trading, procurement and distribution company focused in delivering high quality reliable services, which add value to all our customers and/or end-users. Our Company deals in the provision of a variety of goods and services both consumable and non-consumable.


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We differentiate our services by offering our clients holistic solutions that meet their demands whilst considering and implementing cost efficiencies that are mutually beneficial.

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Supply & Distribution
Disposable Products®We sell and supply disposable products ranging from disposable dishware/ drinkware (plates, bowls, cups) Plastic cutlery (spoons, knives, forks), Disposable table cloth, cans, bottles, jars, cartons, wrappers and other food packaging
Leading Sellers of
Packaging Materials®We are leading sellers in shipping, distributing of packaging materials to businesses in Tanzania. We Provide different packaging materials for convenience , portion control , containment and physical protection .
Sole Distributor of
Exclusive Rights Products® One of the core initiatives is to establish direct access to manufacturers and create ownership of brands so as to strengthen up the company product Currently we are the sole distributor for Dentaweiss toothpaste, we also have regional distributorships for Tanga Fresh, Azania and other premier brands.
One stop commercial shopping centre
Dry Food/ Groceries & Kitchen wares® Masyl made itself a one stop Centre for both corporate and final consumers to shop an astonishing wide range of dry food groceries, frozen food, dairy products and kitchen wares.
Procurement & Distribution
Transport Services® Masyl Company limited is well dedicated in transport services. We have invested heavily in transport service to make sure that our clients when need the best service in transportation they have a place to rely on. We have variety of transport covering road, whether you prefer your products to be transported via cold room or normal transport; we offer all kind of those services. Please contact us to learn more about our transport services
Supply & Distribution
Cement & Construction materials Masyl offers a wide range of cement, building and other construction materials to companies. With the right experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible construction materials supplier that also provides one-stop service for our clients.


We differentiate our services by offering our clients holistic solutions that meet their demands whilst considering and implementing cost efficiencies that are mutually beneficial.


Renowned supplier
& Distributor

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, value for money in the provision of quality solutions; are attained throughout all our operations.